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It’s a new year and it’s time! Time for a blog.

I know! I know! I'm not sure about this whole blog thing either. It’s a new goal of mine to get more involved in social media, videos & blogging. Apparently writing a blog is the new way to let people know who you are as a person and a company. So its probably best to start with who am I and what is Manzanita? I’ll make it brief...

Growing up with both parents involved in the real estate & construction industry, you could say I was born into Real Estate. Shortly after college I worked for my mother in the residential home building industry where I got my contractors licenses and real estate license.

Years later, I received an opportunity to work for a large commercial developer doing property management and commercial sales and leasing. This is where I learned the commercial side of real estate.

Shortly after, I was helping clients find investment properties. Doing this in the down turn of the market was eye opening to say the least. I got frustrated with the level of service I was receiving as a consumer in the real estate industry. Then it hit me! I can do this, I can run circles around my competitors if I just go back to the basics of good customer service.

Focusing on a high level of customer service for clients, I partnered with my mother, Suzanne Candini to open Manzanita Ventures, a full service real estate company. Residential sales, commercial sales & leasing, property management, construction, interior design. Guess what.... I love it!

Almost 10 years later, our clients are like family. We care about their properties as if they were our own, and truly enjoy helping them make the best investments.

I also get excited on my way to work knowing I get to work with such an amazing team! I know that sounds cheesy, but it’s actually 100% true. Someone told me to hire people who know more than you and specialize in different aspects of business. They will teach you great things, and they have (therein lies lesson #1 of being a business owner).

I told myself I will write as long as people will enjoy reading it. Although I’m struggling with what to write about. So I thought I would ask you, what do you want to hear about?

Since it’s the beginning of a new year, people have been asking me, what are your goals? Plans for the new year? What projects are you working on now? How did your showings going? Who is on the Manzanita Team?

So ask me...... I would love to hear!

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