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Manzanita Story
Manzanita Ventures is a full-service real estate company, located in Manteca and serving the majority of the central valley.  

Providing five distinct services – residential resale, property management, commercial brokerage, interior design/space planning and custom building/remodeling – Manzanita Ventures’ comprehensive approach to real estate business is steadfastly based upon client commitment and customer-driven focus. Although in its infancy as a start-up company, Manzanita Ventures collectively boasts myriad years of industry experience amongst its cor
e team members, each bringing lengthy individual expertise related to specific service areas.  

The deeply rooted combined professional presence of the founders, for more than 50+ years in the Central Valley building and real estate industry, has established Manzanita Ventures with the desired credibility not usually afforded to such start-ups. Their combined experience, provides them the landscape in which they established their exacting leadership qualities and prolific business acumen.  Their hand-selected team reflects their own commitment to making Manzanita Ventures a success.

Joining the Manzanita Ventures team are Alice Campbell
, Dawn Sadlowski, Debra McCrory, Elle Lewis, Johnny Murillo, Brittany Crawford & Julia Santos. Collectively, each brings their own specialized backgrounds, fitting nicely into a team dynamic and complementing one another’s skill sets.


Company News


Custom Beauty in the Vineyard: Living With Style
Real estate folks often tell clients to never fall in love with their homes or become too attached, but Susanne Candini might have broken that rule with her custom Manzanita home in Manteca.  

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Manteca real estate firm tries different approach: The Stockton Record
Manzanita Venturese, a new real estate company in Manteca, offers five services: residential and commercial brokerage, property management, interior design and construction and remodeling. 

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Carpe diem Manzanita Ventures: Central Valley Business Journal
Technically the economy is out of recession, but local real estate is as dead as the lawn on a foreclosed three-bedroom-two-bath house. Why, then, did Suzanne Candini, formerly co-owner and President of Florsheim Homes choose to open a multi-faceted real estate business called Manzanita Ventures? 

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A sampling of notable women making a mark: Central Valley Business Journal
More than a fourth of the businesses in San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties are owned by women... Souza and Candini opened Manzanita Ventures in 2009, a business which offers five different services; residential resale, property management, commercial brokerage, interior design/space planning and custom building/remodeling.

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