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Can an office create a “work family”?

In my previous post, I mentioned that a good leader doesn’t have the answers to everything. I have learned a valuable lesson through someone’s advice… hire people that have different strengths than you. In doing so, it will teach you something.

When we started hiring at Manzanita it was important to us to take the time and find the right team. A team of people that make a “family” at work. People forget or don’t realize that, if you work full time in a career, you can find yourself spending more time with people at the office than your own family at home.

Over the course of 10 years, Suzanne and I have been able to create a team that we consider family. We are incredibly proud to say that our team is honest, ethical, knowledgeable and incredibly hard working. Not only do we learn from them every day, but we all contribute as part of a team, something to our everyday lives, personally & professionally.

We also decided we didn’t want to limit anyone. If someone wanted to work in the office and manage real estate, they can. If someone wanted to help clients design the interior of their homes, while selling real estate, they can. We didn’t want to put limits in place, we encourage them to dream big and get creative.

Having a “Work Family” is one of my favorite parts of being at Manzanita. It has created an amazing family atmosphere, while building tight bonds between one another.

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